About Ice Charades

It's 1983 and Sue isn't sure she'll survive her employment in Follies On Ice. One day she nearly suffocates inside a giant penguin costume, the next she's sniffing food as a cheap way to diet. She thought traveling in a European ice show would be an easy and exciting way to fulfill her childhood dream. She only plans to take one year off from college - her version of a junior year abroad. Instead of academics, she's getting schooled in eight-hour days in skates, ten-second six-piece costume changes and the perils of a backstage romance.

This book is a charmer. Jenny Hall has crafted a delightful coming-of-age story of a young woman and her sometimes comical, sometimes heart-wrenching journey to find love and ultimately herself. You don't have to be interested in figure skating to appreciate the colorful characters and their adventures on the road trip of a lifetime."
Nikki Nichols Cunningham, Author of
Frozen in Time: The Enduring Legacy of the 1961 U.S. Figure Skating Team

A lot of fun to read. It takes me back to my pro skating days!"
Kathryn Bertine, Author of
All the Sundays Yet to Come and As Good as Gold

Ice Charades: Penguins Behaving Badly and Other Follies From the Road

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More About Ice Charades

Ice Charades is a work of fiction, but the settings of the story are inspired by my first ice show, Holiday On Ice, in 1983.

Look for an Ice Charades sequel about skating in Japan to be released soon.